Destinations in Hanoi (part2)

If you have been in Hanoi and have no idea to discover this huge and busy city, just following the recommendations below to have a chance visiting famous destinations in Hanoi that you should not skip.

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Sword lake

Sword lake is one of the best destinations in Hanoi if you are looking for some fresh spaces instead of crowded, noisy streets outside. Strolling around the lake, sitting on a rock bench with friends to admire the lake will give you some moment of true peace. These moments at the lakeside helps you to be more reflective about life.


Sword lake

Sword lake

Traditional games on pedestrian street (Sword lake)

Enjoying a peaceful place, slow pace of life instead of noisy, crowded, polluted street with various Vietnamese traditional games is an unforgettable moment. Tourists can take part in many attractive games in this open space

Tug of war –  a most attractive games not only the young but also the elderly people

tug of war - traditional game

tug of war – traditional game

Bamboo dance – This funny dance is always performed to celebrate special events from Northwest highlands of Vietnam

A Vietnamese traditional game

Bamboo jacks and five people walking on two flip-flops

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Hanoi Opera House

Passing over Trang Tien Street, Hanoi Opera House, standing strongly, deserves to be one of  most luxurious buildings.It made a great of value in history, a historical evidence of Vietnamese cultural and social development under French domination as well as architecture.

Hanoi Opera House

Hanoi Opera House

— To be continued —

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