Chicken Before The Year Of Chicken

Vietnam‘s zodiac calendar holds 2017 as the Year of the Rooster. Breeders throughout the country are getting their best chicken ready for market.

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Tet Han Thuc Or Cold Food Festival

About Dong Tao Chicken

Dong Tao chickens, better known as “Dragon Chickens”  is one of the rare Vietnamese chickens. It is not only famous for its delicious meat but also has one of the most thickest legs usually not seen among birds of that size. This type of chicken just used to serve the royal family and mandarins but nowadays this rare breed is prized by chicken breeders. Its meat is served in expensive restaurants that cater to the wealthy. The legs themselves are a delicacy.


Dong Tao chicken

The eponymous local bird originated in Dong Tao Village in the northern province of Hung Yen. They are difficult to breed, therefore, a single Dong Tao chicken can sell for as much as VND50 million ($2,200). Dong Tao chickens have become sold well during Lunar New Year

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Mr and Mrs Chicken

This week, more than 100 chickens have gathered in Dong Tao Commune for the first nationwide beauty contest for the Dong Tao chicken breed.

The breed has an imposing figure and thick legs. The weight of Dong Tao rooster can raise up to six kilograms and its legs are huge like a wrist. The contest has three categories: pairs, roosters and hens, aiming to find out the best looking and healthiest chickens.


Dong Tao Chicken Contest

To be able to participate to the contest, chickens have to meet several qualifying standards such as weight, feather color, thigh and beak size. One eligible candidate must be at least eight months old and fertile.

The contest is not about big prizes. It is more about creating a playing field for Dong Tao breeders who want to see the most outstanding chickens across the country.

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