Hanoi Old Quarter Walking tour

Hanoi is ancient capital with the history spanning more than 1000 years. Let’s walk with Hanoi Free Walking Tours to find out the most secret behind the crowded streets in the Old Quarter.

Guest : The Connolly’s family from United Kingdom.

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A Special Hanoi Free City Tour

Pick up

Yesterday, I was very hurry because I had to pick up at 9 a.m so I came on time. When I came to the hotel at 19 Hang Hanh, they had breakfast so I sat down and waited for them.

Therefore, I called Vu and he was surprised because the tour actually began at 9.30 a.m. I would blame Ms Diem (our boss) for that mistake. So anyway, my guests were a very happy family.

The journey

Firstly, we went to Hoan Kiem lake. I was very confident when I told the story of the Hoan Kiem lake and every things involved. But I knew that I had to learn more knowledge if i wanted to be a main tour guide. Then, we visited to the Old Quarter. It turned into Vu’s show.

old quarter

Connolly’s family and me

We went to the old house where President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independent at 48 Hang Ngang street. They were exited and asked us a lot questions. Later on, we moved to Bach Ma temple and had a little coffee break at 37 Nguyen Huu Huan Street. I had been there twice before.

Finally, we came back to the French Quarter. I tried to tell as much as possible i know for my guests.I had to thank them for listen to me so carefully. Lastly, we came back to their hotel and finished our tour here.

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About the tour

This was my first tour with a family so I felt exited. I was glad to see them happy within the journey. And by the way, when we went to Dong Xuan market, the little boy was very curious when he saw many people working at Dong Xuan market wearing army uniform.

old quarter

Dong Xuan Market


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