Hanoi Free Walking Tours Spring Recruitment 2019

“Who knew that such small feet could leave such big imprints on your heart”. With small feet and warm heart, HFWTs is trying the best to create a beautiful Hanoi in the eyes of world friends. If you have the same interests, let be one of our family by applying on Spring Recruitment 2019! Hanoi Free Walking Tours is looking for new energetic members who are passionate about travelling, love to learn and talk about our capital city, and willing to walk with foreign friends!


Recruitment Process

Round 1 (08/03 -17/03): Application form  

All you have to do is to create your best CV to show us some special things about you. What are your weaknesses, strengths or your experience. In case you have little experience, do not worry. Try to express who you are and why we need to choose you. We do not find the best candidates, we find some most suitable ones.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Spring Recruitment 2019

Round 2 (23 – 24/03):  Personal Interview

This round is an opportunity for us to know more about you. You will be interviewed with several  English questions including: historical, cultural knowledge, your stories, situations,… Again, just be yourself and try to persuade the interviewers by your attitude.

Round 3: Training

In 3rd round, you will learned about knowledges relating to famous destinations we chose, good skills which is very important for tour guides. In the end of each training day, you need to finish your task following our requirement.

Interesting recent activities:

Besides online marketing activities on Fanpage, recruiting webs, HFWTs has already held leaflets at a lot of schools to get more approaches to student.

This week, Hanoi Free Walking Tours team is hitting a lot of high schools and universities to make our club known by everyone. We are easy to be recognized, and our posters are easy to read! Everyone can quickly get the right information they need. Let’s see some pictures below.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 1 Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 02 Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 2    Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 5 Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 07 Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 09Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment   Hanoi Free Walking Tours Recruitment 04

HFWTs team is hitting some universities to make our club known by everyone

Just 4 more days left until the deadline of the first round and we are pretty sure our mailbox is going to be the home for a lot more sign up forms from our beloved candidates!


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