My First Full Day Tour with Hanoi Free Walking Tours

Tour name: Hanoi Full Day City Tour
Departure time: 9:00 AM on October 8th 2017
Pickup address: 79 Ly Nam De (ASIA GROUP TOUR)
Guests: Mohan, his friend and two daughters of hers
Guide: Phúc Văn Lương and me as sub

Picking up

Phuc and I reached the office at 8:45 AM and discussed some information about our tour, decided on where we would show our guests and time for each place. It was my first tour, so, a little bit nervous, especially there were 2 children in the tour, I was pretty worry. Mohan and his friend came to the office with two little girls. That was so surprised when I knew she and her daughters are Vietnamese.

Two Vietnamese Girls

Two Vietnamese Girls

I was not sure which language I would present for our guests. The woman was so nice and friendly, she told us to present for only Mohan by English. Phewww, that the way we started our tour.

During the tour

We decided to walk from the office to Ho Chi Minh Complex. Phuc, the main guide of the tour really loves children, so he spent a lot of time playing with two girls. I took responsibility to present about Ho Chi Minh Complex. Thanks Phuc for giving me more chance to present to our guests. Mohan had a lot of questions, Phuc and I could answer most of them well because it was nearly the same as the questions we were trained.
We helped each other to present to Mohan and also played with the girls. Mohan was so caring and friendly with his friend and her daughters. He never showed any tired feelings, always full of energy.

Hanoi Free Walking Tours

Mohan, his friend, two daughters of her, Phuc and I

We moved to Temple of Literature by taxi, we had a quick visiting here because it was nearly noon, the two girls were a little bit tired. However, Phuc and I still completed our presentation with the most important points.
Then we moved to 16 Hang Be street to have lunch. We had a family meal there, it was so warm, a lot of fun then we talked more about ourselves. After lunch, Mohan asked about the place where he could buy souvenirs for his friends in Singapore. We showed him the souvenir shop near the restaurant.


After buying souvenirs, it was also the time we had to say goodbye cause the woman said that two girls were tired and they needed to take a nap. We agreed and the guests also felt comfortable with their choice. We went to Lo Su and Hang Be crossroads and said goodbye each other there. Mohan gave us two keychains as a gift. It was so meaningful to me.

Mohan gave us two keychains as a gift

Mohan gave us two keychains as a gift

Thank you so much, Phuc. It was so lucky when I got a tour with you. Thanks Hanoi Free Walking Tours for giving me this chance, I was so happy that day.

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