My Excellent Fisrt Hanoi Old Quarter Tour with Dung

Tour name: Old Quarter
Guides: Dung Nguyen Tien and me as sub
Guest: Markus Koepke and his wife
Time: 9:00AM, Oct 28th 2017
Pickup address: Hanoi La Vision Hotel, 19 Bat Dan Street

Picking up

Honestly, I just arrived in time because I got some troubles with the traffic. This was surely a memorable experience that I have to be mindful of for next tours. Fortunately, Dzung and I had planned tour schedule before, which made me relieve stress. He is also very nice to help me a lot during my very first tour. Dzung introduced ourselves and presented the general plan for the tour to them. Then we began our trip.

During the tour

Our first destination is Bach Ma Temple. Dzung showed our guests tons of things related to the origin and the legend of the Temple, Vietnamese worshiping culture. They were so amazed about the interesting information he gave to them. Leaving Bach Ma Temple, we moved to Heritage House, I gave them some facts about the house and some features of altar that they could find in any other altar in Vietnam. We also took them to a very special alley which is very narrow, dark and long. Dzung showed them the way people used these houses in the past as a secret way in resistance period. Then, we headed to Dong Xuan market. I shared with them the history of the market and the information about its construction.

Hanoi Old Quarter Tour

Long Bien bridge was our last destination

Long Bien bridge was our last destination. Since Markus is a cameraman and they’ve just been in Hanoi for two days, he took a lot of photos. While we were taking a rest in Long Bien Station, the train came suddenly, Markus was so excited that he picked his camera up and ran out of the station in joy. Dzung also guided him to go through the iron fence. During the tour we talked about the differences between Vietnamese culture and German culture, the education system in Vietnam.


We took them back to their hotel. They were grateful to us about the tour. They said that it was an interesting and informative tour, if they just walked on their own, they couldn’t understand the culture. Dzung also recommended them some exciting activities that they should try here on the weekend such as watching Water Puppet Show and visiting Ho Chi Minh Complex…After my first tour, I realized that to gain knowledge I have to accumulate it gradually. And maybe the precious information I ’v been given, I couldn’t find anywhere but from learning. I hope that I can do better in the next tours.
Thank you for reading!

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